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Building Economic Independence for Women of the Northeast Kingdom!

Our Mission At Dolcetti

Dolcetti is a social enterprise of Umbrella’s Cornucopia Program in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. Cornucopia provides vocational training in culinary arts to women with barriers to employment. Participants receive instruction in basic culinary skills and hospitality. Dolcetti builds on those skills, teaching product development and creation in a commercial kitchen and introducing marketing skills.


With the addition of Dolcetti, Umbrella can now offer more women the opportunity to learn marketable skills through the the preparation and sale of locally sourced gelato. When you purchase Dolcetti products you’re making a difference in the lives of women and their families while supporting our local economy.


All profit from Dolcetti sales go to support the Cornucopia program.


Dolcetti's new scoop shop - stay tuned for location, flavors, and more!

Dolcetti's Scoop Shop

Looking for a great dessert for your restaurant, hotel, catering business, or party – but want something that is quick and easy, stores well, and can be ready on demand? Well then, we have the perfect line of Wholesale products for you.

Dolcetti creates wonderful Gelato for wholesale distribution. We also make a line of sorbets and gelato cakes that put standard ice cream cake to shame.


Interested in learning more about our frozen, wholesale product?

Dolcetti – Wholesale Frozen Products

Why Choose Gelato Over Common Ice Cream?

Because of flavor!


Gelato is a popular Italian dessert. Derived from the fancy frozen desserts popular among the elite of Sicily, ancient Rome, and Egypt these desserts were made from snow and ice brought down from mountaintops and preserved below ground to cool the wealthy during the hot Mediterranean months - Or so the legend goes.

Gelato is made in such a way that less air is incorporated during the churning process. This creates a denser product with stronger flavors. Served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream, gelato is more silky in texture - a decadent treat you can be proud to enjoy.

Our Gelato and other frozen treats are made with locally sourced ingredients!


Once you try Gelato, made with quality ingredients...

Common ice cream just won’t do!

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