Why simply serve ice cream when you could


Experience Gelato!

This Italian Ice Cream is silky, dense, and full of flavor! Made with Vermont milk and locally sourced ingredients

Wholesale Vermont Desserts

Why Choose Gelato For Your Business?

  • Lower in fat than many desserts

  • From freezer to plate in moments

  • Can be dressed up to create inspiring desserts

  • Socially Responsible

  • Locally Produced

  • Delicious

At Dolcetti, we use locally sourced ingredients for everything but our flavoring (that comes from Italy). From Vermont milk, to locally produced maple syrup, to sugar and coffee bought from local stores, we do our best to purchase from only local businesses.

We start our ingredient search at home, moving out to statewide distributors only when necessary.

Dolcetti is part of the Cornucopia vocational training program - teaching women with barriers to employment marketable culinary skills.

Our products have a mission - to build economic independence for women in the Northeast Kingdom. That mission extends beyond our kitchen to the local community.

With locally sourced ingredients, and all sale proceeds going back into the Cornucopia training program, the money stays in the local economy when you buy from Dolcetti!

Locally Sourced Gelato with a Mission


Desserts can be expensive to make, and are often among the least ordered items on the menu.


For this reason, we understand the product must be enticing, economical, and shelf stable. Wholesale Gelato answers all of these needs!

Gelato is good for up to a year in your freezer as long as it is correctly covered! That takes away the worry through the slower season.


Gelato is considered a high end, artisan dessert with specialty shops opening all over the country and big business trying to cash in on a new mass market. But, the appeal of gelato is that it’s handcrafted, made in smaller batches, and of course - it’s intense flavor.


Gelato is also a lower fat option to ice cream, and many other desserts. Ice cream is required to have at least 10% butterfat, but gelato - because it is made with more milk than cream - contains under 10%. In fact, your average gelato runs 4% - 9% fat compared to the 14%-25% fat content of traditional ice cream.


We Produce 5 Flavors Consistantly

* Vanilla Bean

* Chocolate

* Chocolate Hazelnut

* Coffee

* Maple!

Ask about other flavors, as we can make to order and add to our flavor line throughout the season

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Another product we offer is gelato cakes.


These are like ice cream cakes, except with all of the benefits of gelato as the base. These cakes can be presliced, put in the freezer, and be ready for those busy nights. No worry about running out of a fresh cake and not being able to thaw or bake one in time. These are no muss, no fuss, ready on demand desserts.



We also create a line of sorbets. Made with fresh ingredients, these dairy free desserts are made when fruit is at its best to capture that fresh flavor. A perfect dairy free, vegetarian/vegan option for your menu.

Want something specific to your restaurant? A custom flavor all your own?  We can work with you to create a gelato or cake unique to your business or event.


Let us know what you’re thinking, and we’ll see what we can do.



5 Liter Pan                   $48.00 (about $4.80 per pint)

Prepackaged Pint        $4.80 ea.


Small                           $10.00 ea.

Large                          $18.00 ea.


5 Liter Pan                  $48.00 (about $4.80 per pint)

Prepackaged Pint       $4.80 ea.


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