Try a Little Kindness

December 1, 2016

Happy Holidays! The brisk, winter air is upon us. The snow (okay, freezing rain) is descending on the Northeast Kingdom and the holiday music has now been infused into our stores. However, with the brisk, winter weather we know that for many comes dark days and long nights. In a time of happiness and festivities, many are bearing heavy loads in their hearts as they watch the celebrations around them. Now more than ever it is so important that we deal gently and lovingly with those around us because we may never see if there is sorrow hidden in their heart. When bad news abounds, it’s so important to focus our minds on the knowledge that there still is good around us and treat ourselves gently. Doing that is part of taking great care of ourselves. Sometimes that seems impossible, however, in order to help accomplish this, I have dedicated this blog post to mentioning some good news. I hope that this good news from here in the NEK and across our nation that will bring cheer to your heart and help you practice amazing self-care. First I will let you know about our local good news. Ready for a warm, comforting mental bath of great news? Let’s jump on in!

Here in Advocacy in the NEK:

  • A survivor who spent time in our shelter wanted to donate gift cards to our current shelter residents so that they would have an amazing Christmas! She donated over a dozen gift cards from local businesses that our shelter residents will have a great Christmas!


    A local church is helping to sponsor some of the kiddos from our southern office to provide them with some new boots and coats.

  • A donor from our northern advocacy office donated some money to help some of the kids have a day of equine therapy.

  • A local mechanic helped out our southern advocacy office when a client’s car was tampered with.

  • Someone dropped off some linens and blankets to help fill our shelter with warmth.

  • The Waterford school donated a few boxes of new hygiene items like hairbrushes, body washes and shampoos, razers etc.


  • Most people love a good cat video, here’s a story on about a 22 year old cat who was abandoned but then adopted by a caring couple who are now giving it a bucket list experience during what could be the end of his life.

  • An 86 year old Grandfather from Georgia has learned to knit to make hats for premature babies which he donates to his local NICU.

  • A 9 year old decided to shave her head after her mother lost her hair due to treatment for ovarian cancer.

  • A 7 year old found a winning lottery ticket and decided to use the proceeds to feed homeless.

  • An 8 year old decided to use his Bar Mitzvah money to buy each of the kids at a low income elementary school a pair of Nike shoes.

  • A veteran converted his wheelchair into a plow to plow the neighborhood sidewalks in Omaha

Yes, there is a lot of sadness and sorrow in this world but I hope that remembering the people who are choosing to give hope to others encourages you. If you liked reading this small collection of good news, the Today Show has a great website I’d encourage you to check out: and if you have a story to share you can always participate by posting #sharekindness on your social media site!

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