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Child Care Connection

Child Care Financial Assistance Program
Through this program, we will help determine your status for child care subsidy.  Families qualify for this program based on gross income, family size and their need for service.  Eligibility is based on the need for services including: employment, self employment, training, work search, and parent with special health needs.  Payments are made directly to the child care provider from the state of Vermont
Last Names A-L: Cathy LaBounty: 748-1992 x 317 | cathy@umbrellanek.org
Last Names M-Z: Phoebe Courtot: 748-1992 x 331 | phoebe@umbrellanek.org


Children’s Integrated Services Specialized Child Care
CIS brings parents and professionals together to identify areas where your child may need additional support, including specialized child care. Specialized child care is for children in protective services, children with special health needs, and families experiencing significant stress in areas such as shelter, safety, emotional stability, substance abuse, and children’s behaviors. The CIS Child Care Coordinator works with the family and the child care provider to ensure that the child’s needs are being met.
Natashia Brooks: 748-1992 x 316 | natashia@umbrellanek.org


Child Care Referral Program For Caregivers & Parents
The Child Care Referral Program has up to date information regarding the different child care options available in Caledonia and Southern Essex counties.  The referral program is free, and connects parents who are looking for child care providers who match their needs and have openings.  The referral program also provides parents with information on how to locate a quality child care program, questions to ask providers when they call or visit them, and ways to build a successful partnership with their child care provider.

Phoebe Courtot: 748-1992 x 331 | phoebe@umbrellanek.org

For Providers
Registered or licensed child care providers in the state of Vermont are listed on the state’s Bright Futures Information System, and can opt in to the free marketing/referral service offered by KCCC.  Every month you will receive a call from KCCC inquiring about openings so that our referral database has accurate information for families. We work with you to market your program to fill child care slots to your preferred capacity.
Phoebe Courtot: 748-1992 x 331 | phoebe@umbrellanek.org

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