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Family Based Services | Umbrella

“I had not seen my dad in 3 years, I was scared. The Family Room made it safe and comfortable for me to see my dad. We now talk weekly and do not need the Family Room to see one another.” Jessica, 11 years old

Family Based Services focuses on connecting families to child-care and strengthening family relationships. Kingdom Child Care Connection assists families in Caledonia and southern Essex counties to receive subsidized childcare, appropriate child care referrals and specialized childcare placement support. The Family Room offers supervised visitation for families throughout the Northeast Kingdom.


Kingdom Child Care Connection provides child care subsidies, referral and specialized child care support. Learn more.

The Family Room provides supervised visitation to ensure children receive safe contact with family members. Learn more.

Client Impact

"A case I've been able to help with is a parent who was struggling with mental health and substance use. She was able to come in to the office, apply for family support child care and locate a provider through the referral process. Within the first six months of the family receiving help with child care mom was able to get set up with a therapist and a substance abuse counselor. She has maintained attending all of her appointments so that can she work on herself and able to parent to the best of her ability without barriers. This success story is due to the family having high quality child care placement."  - Natashia Brooks, CIS Specialized Child Care Coordinator

By the Numbers

In 2020 Kingdom Child Care Connection served 560 families with Child Care Financial Assistance Program. Of those, 120 families were served through our Children’s Integrated Services Program. We referred 60 families to child care through our referral program.


In 2020, The Family Room provided direct service to 93 adults and 101 children during 1,245 hours of supervised contact.

Contact Us

1330 Main Street, St. Johnsbury VT 05819

Kingdom Child Care Connection: (802) 748-1992

Family Room: 802-535-0817

79 Coventry St., Suite 3, Newport, VT 05855

Kingdom Child Care Connection: (802) 334-0148

Family Room: 802-535-0817 or

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