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About Umbrella

In 1976, a small group of women called a community-wide meeting to discuss the lack of women’s health services in St. Johnsbury. Umbrella was born from that meeting. While it did not become the women’s health center envisioned by the founding mothers, the organization has addressed a broad range of issues impacting women and families, including violence against women,  early care and education for children, and gender equity.


Umbrella’s mission is to cultivate a Northeast Kingdom where all people thrive free from abuse and oppression.  We believe that oppression and the systemic abuse of power is at the root of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, teen dating violence, human trafficking, as well as violence related to gender or sexual orientation – which in total we characterize as gender based violence.  We seek to embody a world where those who have been disempowered by poverty, discrimination and other obstacles are able to live peaceful, self-directed lives.

Our Values


We act courageously in accordance with our values, honoring the inherent wholeness of ourselves and all community members.


We believe that everyone is capable of healing through authentic connection.



We intentionally work toward the transformation of systems and societal norms in order to realize social justice for all.

Leadership Team

Lisa Avery, Director of Advocacy South

Kimberlie Buxton, Director of Kingdom Child Care Connection

Amanda Cochrane, Executive Director

Tracey Doore, Finance Director

Olivia Plunkett, Director of Innovation & Accountability Programs 

Henekis Stoddard, Director of Social Change

Board Members

Marc Bouchard
Marty Cavanaugh
Owen Davie
Ilene Dickinson
Carol Lyon (Treasurer)
Alex MacLean (Vice President)
Christopher Manges
Erin Narey
Monica Pineda Etter
Liz Prohaska (President)
Dale Steen
Lona Stuart

About | Umbrella of St. Johnsbury Inc
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