Social change

Umbrella recognizes that social change needs to happen on individual, interpersonal, communal and societal levels. We offer programming and collaboration in all of these areas. Our aim is to change social norms that promote gender based violence, provide alternative norms focused on healthy relationships & consent, as well as increase leadership opportunities for youth. 

Umbrella is dedicated to threading social change and prevention efforts into all of our programs. In this, we bring that focus into our mission of cultivating a Northeast Kingdom where all people thrive, free from abuse and oppression.

We believe that oppression and the systemic abuse of power is at the root of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, teen dating violence, human trafficking, as well as violence related to gender or sexual orientation - which in total we characterize as gender-based violence. We seek to embody a world where those who have been dis-empowered by poverty, discrimination and other obstacles are able to live peaceful, self-directed lives. 

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