Hub Land

Hub Land Graphic Co Created by Artist Michael Kelly and Hub Director Juliet Emas

St. Johnsbury

Community Hub Project

Did you know that nearly 2 out of 10
of your neighbors in Caledonia County
are living in poverty?

The St. Johnsbury Community Hub Project seeks to provide space, opportunity, and discovery for all NEK Vermonters. There is no one path toward stability for our neighbors, friends, and loved ones. The Hub will open its doors to everyone, regardless of where they are on their path.

The Importance of the Hub

“Like [others involved with this project], I too had envisioned this hub for many years; the pull stemmed from an undeniable longing for a different and more person driven system of support. The process of listening to others thoughts and seeing the hub to life, has been anxiety provoking, deeply moving, exciting, scary…really…all the feels. I’m excited for our community and the betterment this work can bring.”

— One local service provider

Juliet Emas

Director of St. Johnsbury Community Hub

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